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Sahar Arekat
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Sahar Arekat has been consulting in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries over the past 10 years after studying premed. She leaves an excellent reptation in her tracks across Boston, New York City and New Jersey working with fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson, Biogen and Healthfirst, to name a few. “My client is my responsibility, when they succeed, I am happy in knowing I did my job well.”

As a consultant, you study and anticipate the needs of the clients and create solutions and action plans to help them meet their goals. Essentially, realizing what the client needs and helping them exceed these goals transfers across real estate, as well. We have a budget and a goal, sharing some good humor all
while assuring that nothing is flawed in the process by doing her due diligence. Stemming from a compliance and quality assurance background she can assure you the green light on closing day.

Sahar has been carrying a wrench and following her father around their rental properties to fix sinks and boilers since middle school, so this passion for real estate started young. Having lost her father to cancer at a young age, she helped her mom raise her 4 younger brothers. It taught Sahar the importance of financial strength and hard work as well as the importance of a good investment. As a landlord and homeowner she understands the importance of not only the physical appearance of a property but also the nitty gritty of what it takes to maintain a home properly. As someone who used buses, trains and airplanes for work, Sahar also understands the importance of location and proximity to good schools, safe neighborhoods and public transportation!

Sahar is constantly learning, works with a great vivacious team who teach each other daily. When you are knowledgeable, passionate, and sincere in your work and relationships, your reputation will proceed itself. At the end of the day, you want someone to sign without a doubt with ease in heart and mind
knowing their realtor had done their homework, because it is our job to ensure the best outcome for you and your family.

Sahar’s passions include hiking - she can show a home and recommend a local scenic trail or best coffee shop in town all throughout the tristate area. She loves exploring other cultures and their foods and has a passion for interior design. She leads group hikes and warmly invites you to join her!

“A good conversation has endless possibilities.” – Unknown