5 Fool-Proof Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

living area decorated for open house

When it comes to selling your home, it’s imperative to create a cozy, capacious living space for buyers to envision themselves living in. However, if your abode is lacking in square footage, making the most of your space can be tough without the proper guidance. That’s why we’ve listed five visual tricks and tips to effectively transform your tiny pad into a spacious paradise! See below.

1) Apply Light Colors and Cunning Contrasts

Color psychology is extensively utilized across all kinds of industries, notably the real estate domain. This is because certain color quantities can drastically affect mood, signal actions, and even spark important physiological reactions. To help cultivate an airy and open atmosphere throughout your chamber, consider using soft-toned, light shades on the walls of your space. You can also paint your wall moldings and trim a slightly lighter pigment to give the impression the walls are farther back, amplifying the illusion of a larger living space.

2) Declutter and Organize

Nothing makes a small space feel confined more than having copious objects carelessly scattered all over the place. When items are artfully arranged and unnecessary items are tucked out of sight, your living area will feel much more orderly and open. What’s more, it is best to avoid covering your walls with a lot of decorations. If there’s too much going on in one area, it can make the room feel busy and cramped. Start by creating a focal point of the room and keeping the rest of your décor to a minimum, including curbing the amount of accessories in each room.

3) Let There Be Light!

It is astounding how letting a little light glaze a room can make an enormous difference in opening a space. Letting natural light inside a room visually expands the interior and makes the space seem more inviting and pleasant. If you have a space with limited natural light, think about incorporating some creative effects using lighting fixtures, including using brighter lightbulbs. You can also use sheer window coverings, or pull them back entirely, to let more light into the space.

4) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Strategically placing mirrors in your home is one of the best ways to give the impression of a larger space.  Mirrors can help spread out natural light throughout the room. Additionally, by arranging mirrors across from windows or door frames, you can snag a glimpse of the outdoors or other rooms in their surface. This technique can make your room appear larger and more much spacious.

5) Re-arrange Your Furniture

People always try to cram a ton of small furniture into tiny rooms to make the most of the space, but this idea can significantly backfire when you are trying to sell your home. With so many items in one place, your room will seem much more crowded and cramped. Hence, a few things you can do to preserve your room’s space is to use not overcrowd your space, avoid placing furniture into ‘catty-corners’ of the space, and float furniture—even a few inches from the wall.

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