Study Shows Home Improvement is Good for Your Mental Health

couple doing home improvement

With more and more homeowners comfortably cocooned in their dwellings during the pandemic, the gradual vicissitudes to more at-home activities has spawned a ripple of home renovations across the United States. Interestingly enough, according to a novel study by CouponFollow, roughly 34% of respondents confirmed that DIY home improvement projects have actually significantly rehabilitated their mental health during quarantine. What’s more, 49% of respondents claimed that home improvement unearthed a new sense of enjoyment while being indoors. 

Per the study, there are myriad motivating factors behind these DIY home improvement ventures. They included: being home due to social distancing mandates, enjoyment, improving their mental health during quarantine, increasing overall home value, occupying spare time from working from home, removing need for contractors, saving money, professional contractors were unavailable, discontent with home’s appearance, and occupying spare time from lack of commute. 

Congruently, the three dominant DIY tasks have consistently been bathroom repairs, interior house painting, and bathroom decor. Sliced by generation, the report declared that baby boomers have been fixated on bedroom decor, while millennials have been eagerly applying bathroom repairs and upgrades, and generation X has been concentrating on interior painting. 

“The results of this study showed some of the few silver linings of the COVID-19 lockdown,” the researchers detailed in the study. “For many, months spent stuck at home became productive times for home improvement. And by the results of these projects, homeowners and renters are pretty handy: Over half of those who took on DIY home improvement projects were successful.”

An astounding 72% of renters also noted that they had success when introducing or enhancing a garden to their property. Numerous residents stated that due to the ample amount of time they acquire during the pandemic, a little nature can brighten their day in more ways than one.

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